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Important Changes Coming to Turbo-Chart in 2024

TC+URL ClearAn Important update on Turbo-Chart for 2024

I'd like to thank all our customers and partners for their ongoing use and support of Turbo-Chart.

This note is to highlight some changes that will occur in 2024.

Pricing Changes

From 1st January 2024, Single User Annual Subscription pricing will increase to be the following:

  • AUD$999
  • USD$699
  • EUR€649
  • GBP£579

To simplify our pricing options, we are dropping our monthly subscription option for new customers. If you are already on a monthly (legacy) subscription it will continue to be valid for as long as its renewed and can be managed from our legacy portal.

New options will be available for Enterprise/multiuser/concurrency (more details below). Please use our contact us page if you have any queries about pricing.

Enterprise options

For customers looking to offer Turbo-Chart across their organisation, Enterprise Licensing will offer concurrency rather than a named user basis allowing:

  • A single activation code, with a single common renewal date, reducing administrative work
  • Availability to any user in an organisation based on registered email domains (eg.
  • Usage/session-based subscription options, for example 1,000 unique sessions per year.
  • Self-managed reporting of Turbo-Chart usage of an organisation’s users available to administrators

Additional development and support

We will continue to develop and improve Turbo-Chart and related systems/tools. 

Next year we will be improving our subscription process to make it much easier for users to self-serve and manage their own subscriptions (e.g. transferring to new users etc).

We will also continue to improve Turbo-Chart with improved performance and new features, many of which are user requested - more details will be provided in future newsletters.

Free Turbo-Chart version

We will soon also offer a free version of Turbo-Chart, limited by number of activities, but fully featured with no expiry date. This will allow users to learn and become familiar with the benefits of improved visualisation of their project schedules offered by using Turbo-Chart.

Thank you!

Again, I would like to express my personal thanks to all our customers and partners for their continued support and use of Turbo-Chart, it delights me to hear our customers talk about the benefits using Turbo-Chart has offered their projects. We look forward to the exciting changes coming to Turbo-Chart in 2024 and we will continue to innovate and improve our software based on your feedback and needs.


Santosh Bhat, Co-Founder/CEO, and on behalf of Rusty Johnson, Co-Founder/CTO