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Turbo-Chart vs Tilos
for Training or Tutorials

Comparing Turbo-Chart and Tilos Training

When comparing the training required between Turbo Chart and Tilos, it’s important to remember the differences in the products. Tilos is a powerful, comprehensive planning and scheduling package that offers more than simply generating Time Location charts. In fact if you were able to operate Tilos, you wouldn’t need any other scheduling tools such as Primavera P6, MS Project, Asta Powerproject etc.

Designed to produce Time Location Chart

Even if all you want is to create a Time Location chart from another scheduling tool, you still require significant training and effort in learning how to use Tilos, often requiring several days of training by expert Tilos schedule trainers. In comparison, Turbo-Chart is designed to produce Time Location charts from your preferred scheduling tool. As turbo-Chart has no scheduling capability, the only training required is to:
  • Importing or synchronising data from your preferred scheduling tool (a simple series of clicks)
  • Preparing the charts to present the imported data

Tilos Training


  • Tilos Templates
  • Relationships between scheduled tasks
  • Linear Profiles
  • Creating and modifying objects, layers and filters
  • Task Calendars
  • Creating Gantt Charts
  • Project Costs and Resources

Turbo-Chart Learning:


  • Setting up your Schedule Data
  • Importing into a Turbo-Chart dataset
  • Creating a shape library
  • Configuring the chart
  • Page and Print Layouts

Up to a whole day of training may be required simply to understand how to exchange data between popular scheduling tools like Primavera P6, MS Project into Tilos. Furthermore, training in Tilos also covers how to exchange data from Tilos *to* your scheduling tool.

Turbo-Chart training, requires significantly less detail, due to Turbo-Chart’s simplicity in importing data, and ease of use in generating time location charts.


Differences between Tilos and Turbo-Chart tutorials

Depth of Knowledge

Due to the complexity in using Tilos, online tutorials are unlikely to offer the depth of knowledge and experience required to learn how to be proficient in using Tilos.

Face to Face Tutorials

Tilos training requires several days of guided effort, to complete such training online, is likely to require even more time. As a result, the primary option is to receive expert guided face to face tutorials, where trainees can also receive feedback on their progress in learning all the features of Tilos.

Online Tutorials

Online tutorials are the ideal method for learning how to use Turbo-Chart, and as training is a significantly less effortful exercise, anyone interested in learning Turbo-Chart need only spend minimal time watching online tutorials to understand the basics and advanced features of Turbo-Chart.



Tilos and Turbo-Chart Software for Tutorial Purposes

When learning about a software tool, being able to trial use it improves the time required to learn. Nothing beats practical hands-on experience. With Turbo-Chart downloading a trial to try it out for yourself is straightforward – click through to the download site, install the trial, activate using a valid email address and you have a fully functioning trial to use. And of course, extending a trial if you require a little more time is simply a matter of dropping our support team an email requesting such.

We are unable to find a similar trial option for Tilos, with forms to be completed to initiate contact before even being given a trial version of Tilos.