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Time Location Charting Mini-Course

Our Time Location Charting mini-course teaches planners, schedulers or anyone else involved on linear projects, the best way to communicate their project schedule. Access the free videos below

Episode 1 - Introduction to Time Location Charts

You may have heard about or seen these charts before,  but never managed to use them successfully on your projects.

Don't worry, I'm here to make it simple for you. In this course, I want to
help two groups of people:

For planners and schedulers you'll learn a simple technique that helps
you analyze your schedules, communicate your ideas better and save time.

For project controls managers, you'll learn how time location charts can help you reduce risk on your projects without creating additional data.

Episode 2 - How to Read Time Location Charts

In this video I'm going to share how to read time location charts, and use them to effectively analyze and communicate a project schedule.

Episode 3 - Optimizing your Schedule

An entire high-rise project schedule, presented from beginning to end on one single page.

With so much information elegantly displayed on one page, including location data, we can start to see the schedule in a whole new way. We can see new types of information and make optimizations

Episode 4 - Producing Time Location Charts

Here, we'll talk about how you actually produce time location charts from a schedule.

I find that lots of people assume that time location charts
are very complicated to create, or that you require extensive training
and specialized skills.

As we'll see in this video, this does not have to be the case

Episode 5 - Your Journey

So far we've talked about how powerful yet easy they are to understand, and how they can be produced without requiring too much additional effort.

Now, let's take some time to talk about your own journey and what you may be feeling about implementing these on your projects.

Episode 6 - Time to Download Turbo-Chart

Now it's time to download and install Turbo-Chart. Try it out with your own project schedules