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We’re excited to announce the launch of our Time Location Charts Mini-Course!   The course is completely free. I’ve designed it to be fun and visually engaging, unlike many other scheduling training courses.  Check out the course preview below.

Why We Needed a Course

The guy in the video is me, Santosh Bhat. I’ve been planning and scheduling for over 20 years and I’m the co-founder of Turbo-Chart. 

Throughout my career, I found there was one problem that caused more projects to run late and over budget than anything else. 

That problem was communicating the project schedule. 

The industry standard is to use Gantt Charts to plan the project and communicate the schedule to all the relevant teams. But, this doesn’t work because of one thing everyone seems to miss: Gantt Charts are impossible to understand. 


A New Approach: Time Location Charts

After relentless experimentation, I now know how to solve the schedule communication problem. 

I convert all project Gantt charts into a format called Time Location Charts. They show all of the information contained in a Gantt Chart on a single page. Best of all, they are trivially easy to generate (if you know how). 

My clients and I have had an unbelievable amount of success with this method over the years. On projects ranging from bridges to skyscrapers. I even built my own software tool to make it fast and easy to generate them.

Unfortunately, I still find that not enough people in planning and scheduling really know how much Time Location charts can benefit them. So, I decided to team up with educational video producers Woef Space and create the world’s best resource on Time Location Charts. 

What You Will Get From the Training

The 30-minute video course gives away all of my knowledge on Time Location Charts. Including:

  • What are Time Location Charts?
  • Why they are the best way to communicate a project schedule
  • Who can benefit from Time Location Charts
  • How to read Time Location Charts
  • How to optimise a schedule using a Time Location Chart
  • The best (and worst) ways to generate Time Location Charts
  • A 90-second demo of how to create a Time Location Chart with Turbo Chart
  • Tips on getting your team on board with using Time Location Charts

If you find it helpful, feel free to share it and send it along to anyone that can benefit. And, contact me with any questions about Time Location Charts and Turbo Chart!