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What is Turbo Chart?

Turbo Chart is a new tool for generating Time Location charts that are used to visualise linear project schedules

Who is Developing Turbo Chart?

Linear Project Software has been established specifically for the development of Turbo Chart. More details are on our About Us page

Does Turbo Chart create Project Schedules?

While Turbo Chart can be used to create Project Tasks on a time location chart, Turbo Chart does not contain a scheduling engine to generate traditional Critical Path Method analysis.

We have intentionally chosen this for two reasons:

  • Our approach is that our users continue using Scheduling tools they are familiar with and are not required to spend significant time and effort in learning yet another Scheduling software tool
  • By not introducing scheduling capabilities, Linear Project is quick to learn, easy to use and can operate fast!
What is the Beta Release?

While we continue developing Turbo Charts features, we would also like users to begin using Turbo Chart themselves, the Beta Release is free to download, install and use. Our Beta Release page contains more information

Other than providing us feedback on any issues in using Turbo Chart it’s also a great opportunity to identify any features or enhancements you’d like to see.

After more than six months, our Beta Period will end on 31 October 2017

What are Time Location Charts?

To put it simply, Time location charts are a way of visualising project schedules with linear locations on the horizontal axis, and dates on the vertical axis.

Schedule activities are then plotted onto the chart according to the locations over which they occur and the dates that the project schedule determines.

Can I get help using Turbo Chart?

We hope that Turbo Chart is easy to use, and we don’t expect it will require significant effort or training to use.

Tutorial videos, documentation will be made available on our website, sample data is available within Turbo Chart  from the HELP>DOWNLOAD SAMPLES menu, or support is available to subscribed users (or to Beta users) via email:

If you still require customised training, please Contact Us for assistance

I have an idea for Turbo Chart, What should I do?

Within Turbo Chart, our partner Sharpcloud provides a feedback form that can be accessed from the HELP>BUGS or SUGGESTIONS menu. To view the latest feedback select HELP>VIEW BETA ISSUES 

You can also, always email us:

Can I install Turbo Chart onto multiple PC’s under my registered account?

At this stage, Turbo Chart can only be installed on one PC per user

Are there any minimum PC specs to use Turbo Chart?

You must have or be able to install .Net4.5

See Microsofts Website for more infromation:

Will Turbo Chart work without an Internet connection?

Yes it will. BUT, without it you won’t get updates. When the installed license expires it will need to be refreshed via the internet (or over the phone).

Do I need Admin rights on my PC to install Turbo Chart?

You should not need full admin rights. We are using a technology called ClickOnce which should allow you to install without full permissions.

More details here:

There may be rare instances where there may be installation issues. As each PC configuration/ IT Dept. settings vary, your own support is best placed to assist with installation issues.

My organisation uses Citrix to deploy P6, can it still use Turbo Chart?

We are aware that many organisation deploy P6 via Citrix environments and we do intend to support such environments in the very near future. If your organisation is able to assist in testing & development in such environments, we’d love to hear from you.

Our initial development of Turbo Chart is to users who have SQLite, SQL Servers and Oracle XE as local databases.

What happens to my Chart data if I do not subscribe or renew my subscription? Will my data be lost?

If you do not subscribe or do not renew your subscription, you will not be able to receive updates to Turbo Chart or receive support

Regardless, your data is yours and stored locally on your machine. It is stored in an open standard (JSON) and can easily be decoded and used by other systems.

No Turbo Chart data (other than support related issues) are accessed or retained by Linear Project Software.